Become A Member

Click the following link to download the A.P.I.A. application.

Download APIA Membership Application Here

The best way to send in your Application is by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you prefer to mail it, the mailing address is on the application.

You can mail a check or go to the paypal link on the fromt page, you will be directed to a drop down menu.



Why Become a Member?

This is an exciting time for the Investigative industry in the State of Alabama!

With the passing of the P.I. bill and the formation of our regulatory board we will be going through some growing pains and some changes may be necessary.

That is one place that the A.P.I.A. can help. With enough members, our voice will continue to be strong enough to make a difference when it comes to legislative issues.

Also, with the introduction of required C.E. classes, A.P.I.A. will bring instructors together with investigators at our quarterly meetings and our annual conference in an effort to help every investigator be able to get his or her required C.E.s .

A.P.I.A. will strive to continue to provide knowledge and training through our free classes, expert speakers and shared information in our online groups and at our meetings.

A.P.I.A. exist because of efforts of many great dedicated members and founders that date back far before I became a part of it.  A.P.I.A. members have fought to improve the investigative industry from the very first day.

We are a motivated organization that gets things done. Our primary function is education that will will reinforce the professionalism found in our State. We need your support to continue our growth.


Who Should Apply?

A.P.I.A. is open to any Licensed Investigator. We have memberships for Alabama Investigators as well as those from other States or countries.

You should hold a current license that meets the requirements of your state or providence, be of good character and have never been convicted of a felony.

For further membership information call  David Whitson, 1st Vice President, 205-410-1375.


Does A.P.I.A. make and enforce the new State Laws?

Absolutely Not!!!!

A.P.I.A. Has a seat on the board. That means that we can choose who sits in that position but we cannot dictate the decisions that person makes once seated. We will always try to select someone who will be sensitive to the needs of our industry as well as the need to protect the consumer and general public. The Alabama Private Investigators Board is the regulatory board which regulates and licenses the Investigative industry in Alabama.

A.P.I.A. did introduce the bill that created the laws regulating our industry and can work to amend or create new legislation as we find necessary.